Jun 25, 2023

Welcome to Dash Academy.

The academy designed specifically for social media managers. 

I help social media managers systemise their business to allow them to grow to 10k months on repeat. My goal is to turn your social media business aspirations into powerful accomplishments. 

In other words? I help you go from googling everything and fumbling your way through, to feeling confident with your back-end business and with a fully-booked portfolio of killer clients.

Back in 2017, I quit my job at a marketing agency, and started freelancing as a social media manager. 

I started with about 6 clients all paying $400 per month (about 2400 per month). 

  •  I was overwhelmed, felt like I was in a constant rush
  • I was overworking and undercharging
  • I didn’t know how to get clients (so said yes to everyone)
  • I had imposter syndrome and felt like everyone else was doing it better than me!

This was when I realised I wasn’t setup as a business.

I didn’t have any of the right things in place for me to grow in the way I wanted, so I spent months figuring out my processes and systems!

I tested everything I could find, and eventually, I built a streamlined, powerful system that I spent the following years optimising. 

From this, I was able to:

  • Build a multi-six figure digital marketing agency 
  • Hired within six months
  • Signed a commercial lease within 12 months 
  • Upgraded to a beachside office a year later
  • Build a team of 8 in-house specialists / 12 contractors
  • Had a huge portfolio of National + International clients
  • Worked with hundreds of businesses 
  • Guest lectured at Universities 
  • Was flown around Australia as an expert

As I continued to grow this successful marketing agency, I was then able to continue the success such as:

  •  Named 2022 Young Business Woman of the Year”
  • Alumni Regional Award UniSC 2023
  • Named top 30-under 30 of my local area
  • Interviewed on ABC radio as a social media expert
  • Media mentions in various publications as an expert

Since then, I sold the agency and now focus on training at ‘Dash Academy’

In Dash Academy, I support social media managers with their own business growth through my signature course 'Socials Boss'

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of businesses grow and establish their online presence and I'm so excited for the coming years with what we can achieve at Dash Academy. 

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Bronte xx