That's me! Hey, I'm Bronte.

Back in 2018, I launched my own social media freelancing business from my kitchen table. Within six months, I had hired my first employee. Within 12 months, I had signed a commercial lease. From there, I built that freelance business into a highly-successful, multi-six figure marketing agency. 

We had the beach-side office, full team of experts managing major national and international clients and a strong name of being one of the top agencies in our space. 

In 2022, I decided to sell that agency to focus on training and coaching freelancers just like you, into powerful brands and profitable businesses!

This is your chance to work directly with me to understand everything I know about successful freelancing, agency building, client management, package pricing and design and all the rest!

If that sounds like what you want, you're in the right place.

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When I finished my degree, I was working for a digital marketing agency for 12 months. I decided to quit and launch my own little freelance social media business 'She the Social'. 

I remember sitting there thinking 'wow, I'm a business woman'. But it didn't take me long to realise there was a big difference between simply managing social accounts, to running your own social management business. 

The standards had to be higher, you've got to think about processes and some sort of back-end system.

The things you didn't think about when the whole 'work for yourself queen' thought came through your head. 


After I fumbled my way through, for a few months, managing a small handful of clients, I knew I was missing some key parts of the puzzle to what was needed to have the proper, thriving business I had envisioned.

I sat down one morning, and asked myself if this was something I REALLY wanted to do and grow. I realised this was going to be my future, and if I wanted to build it properly, I needed to set it up as a legitimate business, not a day-time hobby or little project. I knew that was how I would get real clients, and make a real impact.

So, I spent the next however many months (late nights, early mornings, endless weekends) researching, testing and trialling until I came up with a system that I thought would work. And it did. 



Once I realised what was really needed in business, I was able to grow drastically, even build a team and secure a beach side office. I had massive brands working with me, major campaigns and impressive results.

It came from looking at what I was offering my clients, beyond just my services. If I wanted amazing clients, and exciting campaigns, I had to show them I was the right person to deliver that. 

I needed to define the 'experience' of what it meant to work with me vs other freelancers (because as we know, there are a alot). Once I had that figured out, and focused on all the right areas, I wasn't even chasing clients anymore, they were basically begging to work with me. I had a full 'client waitlist' and couldn't believe how simple it really all was.

Through all of this, I was named 2022 Sunshine Coast Young Business Woman of the Year, Named 30 under 30 on the Sunshine Coast and got a whole heap of media features as the go-to social media specialist.  



It took me this whole time to realise that at least 80% of what people are looking for and willing to pay for when it comes to what you do is not just the outcomes and results for what you can do for them, but the overall EXPERIENCE of what it feels like to partner with you. 

They want to feel safe in their decision, like you're in control. You've got it covered. When they invest real money into you, they want to feel like they are working with a freelancer who respects that and shows up in a way that others won't.

That is the sweet spot. That is what you need to understand. 

So by now, you're probably like, YEP, okay, got it. So now what? 

Well, firstly, download this FREE but knowledge-soaked cheatsheet for freelancers looking to succeed because inside, you'll get a really clear idea of what's currently missing from your biz and what's your next steps. Then, let's look at some training options.



I have a few options on how we can work together to get your freelance business streamlined, setup, and growing in the direction you dream about!


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'The Freelancer Boss' guides social media freelancers in defining and structuring their offering, even if they don’t have business experience, so they can confidently onboard their clients, structure their packages and build a powerful business to achieve consistent 10k months on repeat.


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