Feb 13, 2024


The Ultimate Course for Social Media Managers

'Socials Boss' helps current and aspiring social media managers to systemise their setup, build their backend and learn powerful social media strategy so they can build a sustainable, growth driven business, even if they haven’t started their brand yet, to confidently manage a full client portfolio and hit 10k months on repeat (and start living that socials boss lifestyle!)

Let me tell you a little about how this course came to be. 

Well, back in 2018, I launched my social media management business from my kitchen table. It was tiny and I only had a few low-paying clients. I was loving working for myself and the lifestyle I had from social media, but I knew I wasn't setup in the right way. 

I had to really sit one day and realised that I was setup as a hobby, not a BUSINESS. I didn't have a unique experience for my clients, I didn't have customised systems and I hadn't mapped out any kind of plan which would help me grow to the level I wanted to. 

Because of this, I spent months deep-diving into every business structure and strategy I could find and eventually I figured out something which I started to implement. Within six months I had hired my first employe, and within 12 I had my first commercial office space. From there, I build a multi-six figure marketing agency running major national and international campaigns. 

I continued to optimise this system (now known as my 'Social Media Managers Success Formula'). From this, I won 'Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year' and an Alumni award from my university. 

Eventually, I decided to sell this agency after spending five years building it up to focus on training social media managers in how to build their own brands. After starting in the space, and seeing the impact I was having with the social media managers I was working with, I understood this was a formula that could be implemented in their business and they would experience the growth and business setup they were looking for. 

I put everything I had learnt over these years, and since working with socials managers into my 'Socials Boss Course; The Ultimate Course for Social Media Managers'.  It's essentially the training for social media managers they need to understand a back-end build, streamlined systems and the elements needed to attract dream clients to their business.


  • BACK-END BUILD: Building your powerful back-end business systems and defining your brand offering and packages
  • CLIENT GROWTH SYSTEM: Building and attracting a flow of dream clients to your business to scale and build the client base
  • SOCIAL STRATEGY SKILLS: Become a strategic socials boss by understanding the fundamentals of social media for business and how to develop strategies with impact


"'Socials Boss' is designed by multi-award winning, ex-agency owner Bronte Cresswell who built and sold a multi-six figure digital marketing agency"

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Bronte xx