Jun 10, 2024


Estelledia | Socials Boss Student 2023

Rosalie started the course after running a successful UGC content page and wanting to push more into her own social media management offerings. 

She joined Socials Boss and immediately started to see the impact of introducing the teachings in the course. 

We sat down to hear more about her experience and takeaway!




How long have you been in social media?

“I have been creating social media content for nearly 3 years and enjoyed growing my UGC and Food blog. I decided that I wanted to help other people develop their social channels”

What did you hope to get out of Socials Boss?

“People tend to say that to be a successful social media manager, you just need to know how to use the platforms. This is so far from the truth! I needed someone to guide me with the correct tools, strategies, and workflows to ensure I served my clients and business correctly.” 

First glance, what did you like about the course?

“I love how in-depth the course is. However, the best part is how well Bronte explains concepts and the tools she provides to help you succeed in your business”

Are you progressed, what did you find most valuable to your business?

I'm in the networking stage, and the most valuable thing to my business would be the templates!

What has changed in your business since?

As a newbie Social Media Manager, I've undergone a significant shift in my mindset. I use to be doubtful about my abilities (imposter syndrome!) The course has equipped me with the necessary knowledge to establish my systems effectively, altering my mindset and enhancing my professional capabilities. 

Would you recommend socials boss to others who are in social media management? 

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned social media manager, I think Social Boss is a great course to invest in. I've invested in multiple courses but what sets this one apart from others is that it covers everything you need to know as a social media manager from A-Z. Through this course you can see that Bronte has a type A personality because theres a checklist to set up everything in your business, strategy, working with difficult clients, setting up your packages, time management and even off boarding clients. 

Is there anything we didn't cover you wish was included or would like to better understand?

Not at all, I'm so excited for the clients module :)



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Bronte Cresswell xx